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12th Street and Menaul Great Streets Improvements

The City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development (DMD) has completed the alternatives evaluation phase of the 12th Street and Menaul Great Streets Improvements Project and is currently in the process of developing design plans for the identified improvements.  This Great Streets/Complete Streets project will implement multimodal transportation and corridor enhancements to 12th Street, Menaul Boulevard, and Menaul Extension including a multi-lane roundabout at the 12th Street and Menaul Boulevard intersection.  The study limits include 12th Street from the I-40 westbound frontage road to north of Menaul Boulevard and Menaul Boulevard from west of 12th Street to Los Tomases Drive. 

A critical component of this project is coordination with stakeholders including the surrounding neighborhoods, Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc. (IPMI), and other users.  The purpose of this website is to disseminate the materials developed for the project and to inform the public of project events that were held or are going to be held in the future. 


While the funding for the construction of improvements has not yet been identified, the DMD intends to complete design plans near the end of 2015. Some additional right-of-way will be required to implement the improvements, and the associated property acquisitions are expected to require additional time. An initial construction project may begin in spring 2016.

Roundabout Video Links


A roundabout was selected as the improvement alternative for the 12th Street and Menaul Boulevard intersection. Click on the image to view the conceptual layout for the proposed roundabout configuration.

There are many sources of roundabout educational materials on the internet. One example is a webpage developed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation which can be accessed at the link below. This link is provided because the roundabout example is similar to the configuration that is currently being designed for the 12th Street and Menaul intersection.


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has prepared a roundabout video that can be accessed via the link below.


Information Available for Download

The project materials available for download in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format include the following:
(please note that materials will be added as they are developed):

Alternatives Analysis Report, Final Report, January 2015
Alternatives Analysis Report, Appendices, January 2015

Map of the Study Limits/Study Area
Maps of Existing (2013) Peak Hour Traffic Volumes
Maps of Design-Year (2035) Peak Hour Traffic Volumes
Map of Existing Right-of-Way
Estimated Change in Traffic AM and PM Peak Hours
Link to FHWA Safety - Roundabouts
Link to FHWA Safety – Signalized Intersections

Project Status

The proposed improvements for the 12th Street and Menaul Boulevard Great Streets Project are in the design phase of project development. The City’s design team has completed the 60% design plans and is advancing the engineering design to the 95% level. The City intends to complete the 95% plans in Fall 2015 and will then decide if and how the improvements will be phased based on available funding to construct the improvements.

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